Friday, February 20, 2009

What was I thinking?

This is the quilt I am making for Charles. I've made one for Emily and one for Jacob so now its Charles' turn. This one has been a bit crazy! One of the 12in blocks had 112 different pieces in it! If I'm still sane when I finish, it will be a miracle! Its kind of fun to see it come together!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Blogging Bulloch's!

Well, we are trying to get up to speed with the current generation and start a family blog. Our family is growing fast and has changed a lot since that picture above, which was taken in 2004! Emily was married in September of 2007, just before Jacob returned from the Puerto Rico San Juan mission. She married Billy Grant from West Valley. Jacob met his soul-mate, Mary, just a few weeks later and was married in May of 2008. We are grateful to have Billy and Mary as part of our family now. We couldn't have picked more perfect mates for our children if it had been up to us to do the picking. We are expecting our first grand baby in late March or early April. Emily is expecting a little girl. Tammy is sooooo anxious to be a grandma. We are all excited for that day!
Oh my goodness! This is Tammy and I dream about my little grand daughter all the time I can't wait for her to get here. Only a few more months!

Emily - 28 weeks along!

Charles is currently serving in the Canada Edmonton mission. He has missed both Emily and Jacob's weddings. One consolation is that he knew Billy prior to leaving for his mission and he had performed with Mary in the Inspiration choir at Dixie State before he left, too. By the time he returns he will be an uncle! He is doing awesome, however. We had a long visit with him on Christmas day and are anxiously awaiting his return in June - 5 months to go and counting!

He was just transferred from one of his favorite areas, Red Deer, where he served for several months as a zone leader. His new area is Knottwood. He is still a zone leader but told us his favorite assignment while serving as a missionary was training Elder Skouguard. He would really like to be a trainer one more time before he comes home.

Elder Bulloch and Elder Skouguard

Katie is a senior at Hurricane High this year and is planning on attending Snow College next year. She is so fun! Her personality and sense of humor make our family happy! She recently went to Salt Lake with the All State Choir where they stayed in a Hotel right next door to a Wendy's. Well, she and her friends decided that they wanted a frosty from Wendy's but the store was closed all but the drive through and they don't allow you to walk through the drive through. Katie solved the problem by calling a cab and having it take them through the drive through which was all of a half a block away. The cab driver was super cool and got a real kick out of their ingenuity. Katie is such a nut, I don't know what I will do without her next year when she goes off to Snow. The other day she said, "I dream of a world where a chicken can cross the road without having his motives questioned."

Josh is a sophomore at HHS and played on the varsity football team that almost took state this year in 3A. He also played on the JV team that went undefeated this year, so we are looking for another chance at a state championship next year. Russ has had so much fun with Josh and his football. Jacob was a computer nerd (as he liked to refer to himself) and Charles has loved to sing as soon as he could talk. Both turned out to be 6'4" but neither one was too into sports. Maybe because we were in Phoenix. Anyway, Josh has discovered football and that is all he can think of. His violin is collecting dust which makes me so sad because he has a real talent for it. I have even learned a lot about the sport (thanks to Russ explaining what the heck is going on).